Commissioning a painting gives you the opportunity to put your artistic vision in the hands of a capable artist. As a gift to some or a gift to yourself, a unique commissioned piece of work is truly a special thing whether of a person, place or object.

Jessica and Charlotte . 2022 . acrylic on paper . 9” x 12"

Commissions are a collaborative project. This is roughly what’s entailed:

  • We work together to select the composition and determine the scope of the painting. I work from photographs and require high resolution images for reference.

  • A price is agreed upon. Prices are determined by the size and complexity of the painting. For example, multiple objects or people increase the price of the finished piece. Where appropriate, shipping, handling and tax will be applied to the final invoice.

  • We agree on a delivery date.

  • We sign a contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit reserves the time in my calendar.

  • If there are any adjustments to the original image, they are determined at this time.

  • Upon completion and approval, the remaining 50% is required prior to delivery.

  • As commissions are custom orders, no refunds are given.

  • If the final product is refused (this has never happened to me) the painting remains in my possession. I may then show or sell the painting.

  • Whether you accept the painting or not, I retain the sole copyright to the painting.

Walsh’s Greenhouse . 2014 . acrylic on canvas . 22” x 28"

Additional services (additional charges apply):

  • Framing - paintings arrive unframed but ready to hang. I’m happy to help select a frame that will both protect and compliment your painting.

  • Installation - all thumbs? If you are close by I might be able to help.

Elise . 2018 . acrylic on canvas . 20” x 30"

The above paintings represent a range of commissions I’ve completed over the years. Let me provide you with something special.

Here is a lovely statement from a client:

I can’t thank you enough for accepting the commission to create a painting of Elise on a swing.

From the moment I first saw your work, I was hooked. I love your still lifes. Seeing those, it was evident that you had technical mastery, but the painting of your grandson in the fire truck...there was something about that painting I found captivating, engaging... unforgettable. Then, more than a year later, I saw two other portraits you’d recently completed (your grandsons in front of your garden shed and “All He Wants”). Again, I found them both to have that special, unforgettable quality. They captured not just a scene, but amazingly captured the emotion of the scene. Like a great photograph, those paintings stopped time at the perfect moment. After seeing those, I knew you could create exactly what my wife and I were looking for in a portrait of our daughter. It was essential that the painting capture our little girl’s carefree spirit...the twinkle in her eye, as it that exact moment...while she’s in mid-swing, looking over her shoulder, laughing. I can only imagine how daunting a task it is to attempt a portrait of someone you know. To do the same thing with someone you don’t know seems completely impossible to me...yet, you did it. Perfectly.

You very clearly described your process and our options for composition, size & pricing. You kept us informed of your progress and graciously accepted critical feedback about nuances that must have seemed so subtle as to be nearly insignificant, but to my wife and I, the minor tweaks made all the difference in the world. The process was enjoyable (you’re such a pleasure to work with) and the results are nothing short of incredible. We now have a beautiful painting as a reminder of our daughter while she’s away at college.

We can’t begin to thank you enough.

With gratitude.

Joe & Amy Cracco