I invite you to join me in a project to document the lives of children in the 21st century. It's easy to join me in this endeavour. Please read the below parameters and if you think you'd like to participate then please contact me!


Image parameters and general rules of the road:

          Images must be digital format and of high resolution (72 dpi accepted if the image itself is very large form). Don’t worry about the technical stuff too much. I can easily tell if the image will work or not from a technical standpoint.

          Crisp, clear images are critical to the success of the painting. Blurry or “soft” images won’t work.

          No naked kids, seriously.

          Posed or studio photos are not what I am aiming for. Think kids doing homework, hanging from the monkey bars, discovering a slimy insect, eating cereal, putting on shoes. I’m looking for photos that tell a story of everyday life of children living at the beginning of the 21st century, nothing special per se, just real stuff.

          Not all submitted images will be used, after all I only produce at most twelve paintings per year!

Now here’s the legalese:

          If it does work, I will ask you to sign a permission form for me to use the work

     .•     The image you share with me must be one you took yourself. I’m a stickler about copyright infringement.

          Acceptance of your image does not imply any claim to ownership of the finished painting. Of course, you may want to purchase it in the end but that’s not the intent nor does my accepting it create that sort of contractual agreement here.

          If I do use your image I retain copyright of the painting and any copies or facsimiles that may be made from the original work throughout my lifetime and beyond consistent with copyright laws.

          Out of respect for your privacy, I will not identify your child or family name unless it is your expressed wish to do so.

          Nor will I plaster your child's image on mugs, totes, beach towels, etc..

To participate just send me an email me at


to get started. I can't wait to see what wonderful images you have.