Remembering Summer

Sep 6, 2023

Way back in the spring I was furiously painting in order to have enough pieces for the summer group show. Then I was furiously framing

I was looking forward to a break. I had been at the easel from March to mid-July for what felt like every day towards the same end, to get the work done. Oh, and I also redesigned my website, completed a commission and nursed my painting arm shoulder injury.

But it was all worth it.

At the reception I met a lovely woman who had remembered one of my pieces from a number of years ago. She had a photo that invoked that painting and she hoped that I she could commission a painting using it as inspiration. Being a person who likes to say yes to life, I said yes!

It was a big project, bigger than I’d expected. And I had a deadline, before Labor Day

So with nose to the proverbial grindstone I got to work. I ain’t gonna lie, it was a challenge and there were some compromises made but it got finished, varnished, cured and delivered the Monday before Labor Day. Phew!

Since then I’ve become fortunate once more to receive yet another commission! It’s sitting behind me on the easel with just the background roughed in. For some reason I keep finding other things to do. Like, pull out the veggie garden I neglected all summer, and rearrange some paintings around the house, and, um, watching the US Open which lures me day and night!

This isn’t like me. I love a project! Then I realized, I hadn’t really had a summer vacation, or a spring one either. I have found myself a tad spent. So I’m going with it. Tomorrow is another day, as Scarlet famously said. And if there’s one thing I’m certain about myself is that the urge to create will guide me back sooner or later.

But for now I’m wondering what I should do with the rest of today. Hmmm.

Painting: At The Fair © Lissa Banks 2023