The Red Sweater

Apr 18, 2023

The astute observer might notice that I like the color red. I’ve written about this in the past. But it wasn’t just the fabulous red sweater (although I do want one just like it) that drew me to this subject, nor the party dress, nor the crazy hairdo, it was the two-year-old imp who was rocking it all.

Sometimes a little one comes into our lives and lightens our days. This one certainly has, as have her two brothers. 

Ask a group of people, young or old, “Who wants to do _____ ? and her hand is the first to go up to do pretty much anything, dreary or fun. And not only will she pull her weight, she’ll do that and more.  

Now, at the ripe old age of six she cooks, dances, and paints with joy and determination. She’ll vacuum the floor, feed the cats, and beat you at Go Fish. And watch out on the soccer field. All elbows out, she’s a beast. No mercy! 

But undoubtedly, the best thing in the world that she does is smile her radiant and a tad bit crooked smile to warm your heart before giving you the biggest hug her little body can muster. 

She’s a powerhouse of love.

Painting: The Red Sweater © Lissa Banks 2023