Big Mug Little Hands

Mar 15, 2023

Time is approaching fast when these guys will look askance at me plastering their faces on gallery walls so I must work fast. This one was uber-quick, only taking me but a few days to complete. Record time for me.

But time is flying by quickly. I swear that there are times that they seem to have grown inches in the span of a few days. Their faces are becoming chiseled into previews of their adult faces. So it was particularly delightful to work on this little face for a little while, to stop time on my easel.

It’s always a conundrum. Whether to sell these portraits or not. I do like to show them so that maybe someone might be inspired to commission a painting or two. Someone expressed high enthusiasm for this piece when it was less than half completed. I must demure, the child’s mother was swooning as well and I didn’t have the heart to disappoint her. After all, she is well entitled to this little memory. And besides, I’ll be able to visit it now and then as well.

Painting: Big Mug Little Hands © Lissa Banks 2023