Nasturtium Duet: Harmony

Feb 12, 2023

Deadlines are amazing motivators. 

I’d started this painting when I thought I was going to be leaving for Australia the first week of February. It was just past the holiday crush and I figured I’d have plenty of time to wrap up the painting while I tried to get my head around what to pack for a “summer” vacation in the heart of our winter here in New England. But like many best laid plans, things got crazy when the trip was moved up two weeks which sent me scrambling.

Somehow, I got it all done.

My trip was an inspirational journey. I’d been before but this trip was different. There were long walks in the bush, drives along the stunning coast and a whole bunch of wonderful animal sightings, including an up close and personal encounter with a koala that was just hanging around on a neighborhood fence. 

I got to attend my first tennis open, ate dozens of oysters and sampled delicious Australian wines. I took pictures of colorful plants and well-executed graffiti as well as some great public art.

I knew that when I got home I would need to write something about this painting but the sensory overload of being in a foreign country distracted me. What could I possibly say about this piece? It was so far from me, both literally and figuratively.

It wasn’t until I was on the plane trying, unsuccessfully, to sleep away the hours that it came to me. On this trip I not only experienced a country, I had the privilege of witnessing a warm and loving relationship in action. 

I marveled at the mutual respect and affection between my hosts. Their consideration for each other was like a well-worn path that eases resolution of all sorts to obstacles. Even with me in their midst they found the space for their relationship while making me to always feel like I belonged. They have found that precious thing that allows their love for each other to strengthen and grow. 

I’d chosen to name this painting Nasturtium Duet long before I left. As I look at it now I see those two lovers there. Separate but together. Looking up and looking out. Harmonious. 

As such, I’m adding to the title. From now on it will be in appreciation of those two.

Painting: Nasturtium Duet: Harmony © Lissa Banks 2023