Aug 14, 2020

News Flash: I’m in love. I’m in love with these children. They’ve been a central part of my life for just short of a month and I am sad that the painting is finished because I’ve loved seeing their faces, that chubby leg, the piercing gaze and the quite obvious fact that they have been smitten by the tiny new creature before them.

I remember so clearly the day I brought my first daughter home to meet her “big” brother, all of 18-months-old. He clamored up onto the sofa, tucked his little body firmly back against the cushions and held his arms up to hold her. Staying close to his side I laid her on his lap. His eyes held that same magic intensity. Painting this piece was like reliving that moment again and again. What a gift.

Painting: Adoration © Lissa Banks 2020