Aug 8, 2019

[Note: The links in this blog post are expired.]

Its been a weird year in the studio. From March until early July I was working feverishly on a body of work for the 8 Visions Exhibition at the Attleboro Arts Museum (see the paintings I selected here). The weeds in the garden rose triumphantly as the floor under my easel darkened with bits or orange and red and black and green. I was putting in eight-hours plus at least six days a week. Hey, I thought I was retired! But the lure of putting on a good show overshadowed the discomfort of being a neglectful gardener. 

Then there was the website to contend with. That took another month to pound out. I think it was worth it. There’s still more to do, like make this blog  a little easier to read on mobile devices. Again, didn’t I leave this world once before?

But when I arrived for the opening at the Museum the other night it clear to me that it was all worth it. I was stunned to see Red Party Flowers II front and center upon entering the gallery but it was the entirety of the work on display that brought me to my knees. All of the artists were so talented and our work was diverse and yet beautifully complimented each other. 

As each artist spoke about their inspirations and process a deeper understanding of their work was revealed.

Ashley Pelletier’s self portraits take you deep behind the face and Ashby Carlisle’s three dimensional work invokes words written on the wind. Paul M. Murray’s photography captures the grit and immediacy of Namibia and Carla Carey takes us far into the depths with her multi-media renderings. Catherine Meeks explores light and architecture around the world while William Gibson’s drone photography opens up new perspetives often in our own back yards. And Robin Beckwith’s watercolor technique produces beautiful images in a new way. 

I invite you to view a sample of the artists work by opening this mini-gallery (minus William’s who doesn’t have a website). And for those of you living in New England, I invite YOU to come visit this wonderful show. The 8 Visions Exhibition runs through September 9, 2019 at the Attleboro Arts Museum, 86 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703. The Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Painting: Red Party Flowers II © Lissa Banks 2012