All I Wanted

Jun 28, 2018

Looking back over the past few years worth of work it makes total sense why I was feeling a bit burned out. Flowers followed by fruit, followed by flowers, flowers and more flowers and then some fruit. I tend to be a creature of habit so I've learned to mix things up now and then...take a new way home, cook some fiddlehead ferns for dinner, move across the country. You know, easy stuff.

We were sitting in his living room enjoying a cocktail. The light was just right and he was framed by those huge windows and beautiful woodwork. I snapped the shot then quipped that it would make a good painting, because, it would! At this point I had zero interest in attempting portraiture again but he started nudging me to do it. I resisted and resisted until I didn't.

I thought I was going to transition to landscape for a while but I'd accumulated a whole slew of photos of people, mostly of the young variety, what being a grandmother armed with an iPhone and all. But still, I felt a bit tentative since it'd been a while since I took on someone's likeness. I find children's faces somewhat daunting so I decided to plunge ahead with an adult face, this one of the noodge in chief.

It went well from the start and I found myself in a state of greater freedom to experiment. In this case I kept the figure fairly tight but loosed up on the background elements. It was exhilarating and inspiring.

Maybe it's because the face did go so smoothly and the likeness really was quite good that I am now emboldened to move on to more people and maybe more people and maybe some people and flowers or people in landscape or people and flowers in landscape or just people in flowers. Voila! I have dug myself out of my rut and I'm excited about a new project. Some more people.

Painting: All He Wants © Lissa Banks 2018